Yeppar, An augmented reality application

An augmented reality app, Yeppar is an innovative thought that enables users to collect memories by marking them and to share them with the world. This app is an open self-service platform for brands owners and users around the world.

Through “marker image recognition”, users will be able to convert personal memories into the real world. The application recognizes products, memories, images and with this recognition, the response will be triggered on a mobile device.

Ankush Sharma, the CEO of Rams, said

 “In this way, we can do away with the space limitations of print. What’s more, you can also link to stories an organization has produced after the actual issue has gone to print!”

Yeppar is a Jaipur-based start-up launched by Ankush Sharma, the CEO at Yeppar and Rahul Mangal, the founder member of Yeppar. Working towards changing the people’s way of interact with physical objects and how they can get details in an augmented way about anything.

How it Works

If you choose if for work, then it connects brands and prospective consumers by communicating with them on a sensory level. With Yeppar’s Augmented Reality Advertising platform, advertisers will be able to check detailed description of their ad campaigns through augmented reality.

On the other hand, if you select it for yourself then it will help you in creating memories. Users can shoot pictures or videos and augment them with Yeppar to create memories and recall them back by just scanning them.

What’s the latest news

This app helps the restaurant to engage more customers, bring more revenue and add more value by converting traditional paper based menu system. With the help of Yeppar app, Diners coming to the restaurants can have the better dining experience. They will be able to select seats as per their choice and can customize their tables. Moreover, through a multi-media menu, they can check out the nutritional information and ingredients for any item listed in the menu as 3D images. ✭ Indian Startups ✔ Entrepreneurs ✔ Founders ✔ Stories ✔ News ✔ Resources ✔ Research ✔ Business Ideas ✔ Product ✔ App Reviews ✔ Small Business.


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