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Some of the unique start-up ideas that can turn into a Billion Dollar ones

Most of the individuals with an entrepreneurial mind-set, have a passion for creating start-ups. However, coming up with a unique idea is not everybody’s cup of tea. Startupsfeed empathizes the entrepreneurial minds of people, who are unable to come up with brilliant ideas for creating start-ups, and would want to offer a few ideas, which can turn out to become Unicorns.

KeepClean: An app which allows to take the pictures of dirty places in the surrounding areas, due to unauthorized dumping, dirty heritage places, open sewage areas, etc., which are common in residential areas, near schools, temples, and markets. It then invites sanitation experts for cleaning. The user can post a project, by uploading the photos, with a budget for the task of cleaning. The sanitation experts within the proximal areas can bid for the cleaning project, with their price. If everything gets well between the user and the sanitation expert, the cleaning project can be awarded.

Start-up ideas

Graphical restaurant reservation system: An app which helps reservation of tables in pubs and restaurants, where the user will be able to see the graphical layout of the restaurant, like which table is free at what time, and where the table is located in the restaurant, and then book their favorite table. This will save time and also offers a unique experience of opting for a table in pubs and restaurants, of their choice.

A study group and meet up portal for students: A portal which connects students of various degree courses like engineering, MCA, and MBA, where the students can search and find other students within their proximity, to form study groups and meet up for their studies, exchange of notes, and so on. The portal would have a huge inventory of students of various degree courses, and can offer space for advertisements on private tutorials, textbooks publishing companies, e-learning courses, and more.

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