Start-up Success Stories of Indian Women

A simple idea can also become a big hit, provided it is backed by a mission. Startupsfeed brings you the Success start-up stories of Indian women, who with their entrepreneurial brain turned their simplest ideas into a great success.

Nikhitha and Bhavishya, Colleagues and close friends, who were working together at Zomato, always met in the tea during evenings. The ladies who had an awesome entrepreneurial brain, realized that the restaurants were undergoing a lot of pain, having to deal with different points of contacts. They were unable to bring in all of their services in one single platform. The brilliant duo came up with an idea of streamlining the entire process through the Bluebeans, an agency, which can take care of end-to-end digital marketing needs of restaurants. In 2015, Nikhitha and Bhavishya were successful in convincing around 40 restaurants in Delhi about their idea. Their next target city is Dubai.

Being a mother of a young child, Aditi Gokhale, at the age of 36, did understand very well that what damage vegetables treated with synthetic fertilizers can cause in the long run. Being a major in Agri biotech, Adithi was always aware of high quality standards of fresh produce in the developed countries. She combined her experience and her entrepreneurial together, towards a mission for offering a healthy lifestyle for people. Today, her ‘All Things Organic’ website, which was launched in 2015, has a product portfolio of several organic brands.


The three women, Ginni Kohli, Auroshikha Rath, and Aansha Narula have created a history by easing the stress of parents of brides, by offering them a streamlined process for their entire wedding event. Most of the requirements for a wedding, including, decorators and caterers are booked only after taking an opinion from friends and close relatives. This leads to an undue stress for the parents of wedding couples, due to the delay in decision making, says Ginny Kolhi, the founder of WedWise, a start-up, which connects service seekers and wedding professionals across India. Today, the start-up has connected wedding planners with customers,for organizing up to15,000 weddings successfully in Delhi alone.

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