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Polo Rooms Review– It can get real messy at times when you are in a hurry, and you don’t find a suitable hotel during your office visit or family outing or celebrations. The mobile hotel booking has seen a triumphant rise in the previous years but the services and the reality of the good sites are far from reach and there is one such service provider app which enables visitors to find suitable hotel rooms at places in affordable rates to make their stay full of luxury.

Polo Rooms makes sure that the users get high quality of services in the cities it is currently serving in. With world class amenities to choose from the application gives the visitors a lifetime experience full of luxuries. The interface of the website enables the visitors to select as many rooms they need to the places of their selection.

The Application provides such services which have never been provided by any such companies over the past years. It provides the users with real time pictures and the videos of the hotel rooms, its surrounding and the dining area giving them a perspective to think it like a home away from home. The customer service of the application also deals with the high class as it makes the user believe that any query made from their side will be resolved under a maximum response time of 20 minutes. One of the specialities of the company is its policy of ‘Micro Stay’ wherein the visitors can spend around 5 hours in the hotel where their expense would be lessened. This is so useful to the customers who had to give the whole day charge even if they had to spend few hours there.

Polo Rooms Review



The company is versatile in nature and ensures the quality to the visitors. All the Polo Rooms are equipped with LCD TVs, A.C., and Fast & Free Wi-Fi, neat and clean linen coupled with excellent services.  Polo Room is a chain of the Premium budget hotels providing subsidised and standardised luxury at your fingertips with excellent opportunities of Micro stays facility.

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