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Ever wondered every transaction made on line would give you something back. Wouldn’t that be more awesome when cashback could even become your saving with direct transactions? Penny is one such initiative which lets its customer base enjoy beneficiaries as enjoyed in the PayTm but with more of an Indian flavor in it.

About the Start-up

Founded by NIT Rourkela Students, is the country’s highest cashback paying website. The startup was launched very recently in the month March 2016 but within a very short span of time, the company has gathered steam and hs made its present felt in the Cashback Industry.  The Business might seem a little tacky but has got a great planning for the future. One of the broke the business plan into simple terms like:

“We just don’t call ourselves as the highest paying cashback site , but we do give our users about 95% of the cashback amount that we get from our partnered sites. And this is what our tagline “WHERE EVERY ₹ MATTERS” also means i.e we promise to pay our users for every penny they spend on our partnered sites. At present, we are partnered with 100+ sites and the number is increasing daily. We just keep up to 5% of the cashback amount for our maintenance purpose of which we are going to 2% to the orphanage. Nevertheless, we will charge you for transferring your cashback amount into real money like what other cashback and coupons sites used to do and, in fact, we will pay you more in certain withdrawal methods.”


How to Avail these benefits?

To avail the awesome offers at the, the customers would first need to register themselves on the website. Then they need to log in to the website and choose the brand in which they want to shop. Continue shopping on that site through the and start saving big with the cashback. Within this short span, the company has gathered momentum and has pushed its rivals into a corner.

The company claims that it is the best in the business because it promotes a healthy business exercise in the form best understood through the following points:

AUTO-CREDITING cashback features where the cashback would get credited to the user’s wallet in the 1-8 week of purchase. NO minimum redemption which means there would be MULTIPLE redemption options and NO processing fees. No coupons will be hidden from the users and with a single click, they would be able to find all the active coupons of e-commerce sites.

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