Myles- A New Way to Own a Personal Car

At this time when India is talking about the Feminism and security of women, one woman has launched a start-up that facilitates the travel lovers with self-drive services. Myles is India’s first premier self-drive service, which is available around 21 cities with various suitable pick-up locations. The major cities where you can avail their services include Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

Founded in 2013, Myles is a Delhi-based start-up that enables users to rent a car for short or long durations. Customers can select the appropriate car as per their needs from a wide range of cars consists 38+ varieties from a Tata Nano to Mercedes E-Class. Moreover, the price range is so flexible that you can rent a car as minimum as Rs.50/ hr. Price varies according to the car model and duration.

How does it start?

myles founderIn 2014, Capgemini conducted an online car survey across 10000 respondents all around the world, it was analysed that 59% Indians who want to purchase car were interested in checking out another mode of ownership. And the primary reasons for it were the need of convenience, greater Flexibility, and low financial burden. In a year, the average usage of a car is less than 150 days. Around 200 days in a year, a personal car stands in the garage diminishing in value and appreciating in cost owing to the parking requirements and maintenance. Considering the facts, Myles was developed.

Success Story

In mere one year duration, the growth of the company is admirable as they have grown up to 11 folds and every month their 70% growth comes from new customers. Today, they are a community of around 1.5 lakh Mylers. With a growth rate of 30% per month, their services are growing day by day. In the coming 4 years, they have planned to include a fleet of 50000 cars in 5000 locations spread across 50 cities in India. They desire to offer a Myles car in every 400 meters in a city. Currently, they are 150,000 Mylers community, they expect to get almost 5 million Mylers in the next 05 years.


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