Mutterfly- Borrow Necessary Items from People Nearby

Nowadays, people are smart and keep trying to save money wherever is necessary, especially when it comes to buying a thing that you hardly use on regular basis. In this fast moving life, we want to enjoy every luxury of life but we hardly get that much pay to spend hence, we try to save it as much as possible. What if you get your desired product at low cost? Sounds interesting right! Well, a start-up has taken the initiative to help you in accomplishing your needs.

Now, you need to just post your requirement and you can borrow the same from the people nearby.  Mutterfly, a start-up that helps users in finding nearby people who are willing to rent their products at affordable price.


  • Easy-to-Borrow & Save Money- Borrow a product in pocket-friendly price.
  • Lend & Earn- Send your quotation and rent your product to earn from the comfort of your home.
  • Try Before You borrow- Before making any spontaneous purchase, try it.


About the Background-

In May 2015, Mutterfly was started as a food sharing platform.

How it Works

If you need any product for short interval then you can place a requirement on Mutterfly.

  • People nearby your place who have the spare product will send their price quotation.
  • The requester will get the location of the sharer.
  • Now, they can meet for the exchange of money and product.

About the Founder

The start-up was launched by Akshay Bhatia who has completed his studies from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. Previously, he was working as an investment banker in London. There are 10 more members in the group and the start-up is gaining popularity day by day.



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