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Innoflaps review : It can become really difficult as well as embarrassing when someone stammers to complete sentences. This directly affects the confidence of the person and he/she might run into depression mode. Many famous personalities, over the years, have encountered this problem and has overcome it considerably to eventually build their communication skill in the process of getting success. Shahrukh Khan can be the best example of speech impediments in hi 90s Avatar where he struggled to mingle with words but come the 21st century, he gets okay with his stammering problems.

These speech impediments are very much curable and that is what Innoflaps believes in most of the time, those infested with speech impediments and other audio related problems don’t find enough time to visit doctors regularly, the same happens in the smaller towns where there is the acute shortage of specialists in this field. That is where Innoflaps pitches in which aims to help people infected by speech impediments like stammering, delayed speech and other speech related ailments. The company has a thorough objective of inducing confidence by building on the blocks of communication of the patients.

About the Start-up and Founder

Innoflaps is an initiative which deals in securing the people infected with the speech impediments using latest technologies at disposal. The company was founded by a Husband-wife duo whose aims and objective, as well as the field of occupation, were complimentary. Prashant Goyal (33) and Soniya Gupta (30) have similar objectives in the field and hold key positions in the operations of the company. Prashant has almost 10 years of experience in the product development of medical devices, semiconductor and consumer electronics at companies like Samsung, Stryke and Freescale. Soniya, on the other hand, is a medical professional, who has treated more than 500 patients in the past seven years, in her role as an audiologist and speech therapist. So both husband wife compliment in different fields and make each other work easy to access.

Innoflaps team

From its inception in the year 2002, the company currently has an able team of 10 which consists of Speech and Language pathologists (SLPs) and Engineers who have huge experience in Clinical speech therapy. In order to get to the patients, they have engineered various devices which help people to connect better and instil confidence.

As per Prashant, ‘We stand at a point where clinical experiences meet technology, which is to say that we are researchers in the field of speech complexities and manufacturer of speech products.’

Innoflaps, over the year, has received accolades from the Department of Science and Technology (Government of India), FICCI, Stanford University , University of Texas, USA and are the winners of IIGP 2015 for their three innovative products which have revolutionized the concept of speech impediments.

About the Speech inducement products from InnoflapsInnoflaps Product

Innoflaps comes as a revolutionary organization in the field of curing audio ailments in people through its highly innovative instruments which are easy to use and can be used by people of varying age groups ranging from 9 to 63.

Speech (Digital Speech Therapy) is an innovative and assistive communication device which has the prime role in assisting and preparing parents, educators, and therapists to perform effective speech therapy for either one-on-one sessions or for groups up to 12. This exclusive device can be used to treat ailments such as autism, hearing impairments and learning disabilities. Prashant explains the working of the device in the following ways:

“Speechifi stores and deliver high-quality sound with full acoustic energy, which allows a person to listen effectively and differentiate between two distinct sounds. The functionality of light system enhances attention and eye contact. The device operates to use original voice in speech stimulation, which in turn works towards speedier recovery.”

Tinnitus Relief works on the principle of ‘habituation training’ of subconscious brain. With the help of different calibrated customized sounds, users become habituated to them and gradually the internal sounds disappear on regular use and therapy. With 22 different calibrated customized sounds for brain training, Tinnitus Relief provides relief to patients suffering from tinnitus, a condition where buzzing, ringing or hissing sounds are perceived when there actually is no external sound.

innoflaps Product

SpeakFluent (Anti- Stammering Device) is a self-assistive device which works on the auditory processing area of the brain. It helps in rejuvenating muscles and motor neurons of the brain, thus improving language processing. It works on the delay auditory feedback system and imparts the reflection of speech in terms of rate of speech, loudness, and pitch, which are the essential attributes of enhanced confidence and fluency of speech. The product is aimed at alleviating ailments like stammering and Puberphonia.

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