How once a simple recipe changed in to ‘Finger Licking Good’

What can make a start-up successful? It’s only the motive of not giving up, till what you intend to achieve, despite several rejections. There are entrepreneurs, who made themselves to the level of creating a history for even their once not so great idea.  Startupsfeed brings you one such inspiring story of Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC. The idea was only a simple chicken recipe, which today is worth a revenue of billions of dollars. This can become a very inspiring stories for housewives in India, whose knowledge is limited to cooking, but undoubtedly they are the great cooks.

A poor man had big dreams

At the age of 65, Colonel Sanders received his first social security cheque of $99. At that time, all that he owned was a small house and a damaged car. He always aspired about getting things change. The idea which came into his mind for changing his life was, a simple chicken recipe, which always received many complements from his friends. But the actual fact was, he was not in a position of getting some other brilliant idea, other than this novel idea.

Towards the venture

He decided to leave Kentucky and go around places in the U.S, for selling his idea. He would visit restaurants and tell the owners about his idea. He would tell them that he is willing to give them the idea for free, but he would take a small percentage of their revenue, if people liked it. But, he only got rejections. However, he did not give up on it. He repeatedly told his idea to the restaurant owners, until he received 1009 rejections, before he got his first acceptance.


A huge success

With that one success, after numerous rejections, Colonel Hartland Sanders created a history in the food habits of people. And that is ‘KFC’.

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