Emotix Robot

Emotix- Makers of Miko — India’s First Companion Robot

In this fast moving life, families are becoming small. Due to job opportunities, people are getting separated from their families which ultimately lead to smaller families. Even the schedule of corporate person is too hectic that they hardly get quality time for their wards to play with them or teach them. Imagine what if you get a friend for your child, whom he/she can play and learn and the most importantly you can also keep an eye on your child.

Well, Emotix has resolved the major problem of parents who didn’t get enough time for their child. Emotix has come up with India’s first companion robot that can play with your child and help them to learn.

Emotix Robot

Emotix is the creator of MIKO, India’s first companion robot. It understands the needs of a child as it has Adaptive Personality.

Miko is specially designed for children. It has a parental dashboard that can be customized and accessed at any time that implies Miko’s steering wheel remains in the hand of parents.

Miko entertains, engages, and educates through conversation that makes it a perfect companion — a brainy little sidekick with an awesome personality.

You need a steady internet connection in order to get the complete experience of knowledge pool and conversational abilities of Miko.

To access it, you need to first download the My Miko app on your smartphone. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, both.

It is really a smart move that will help your child to grow better in this fast moving life.

Emotix Robot

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