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The major concern of online shopper is the on-time delivery when someone should be there at home to accept the package. And the issues become more intense when every person in the home is working. Who will accept the order? Deeming this major issue of online shoppers, DoorGuy was designed.

Launched in July 2015 by Anshul Garg, DoorGuy is a Gurgaon-based platform.

Anshul, Co-founder of Doorguy, said, “People don’t have time to waste on delivery hassles, especially not when delivery hours often conflict with their work schedules. So, we have reimagined package delivery for e-commerce by perfecting the delivery timing,”

What DoorGuy Is?

A package delivery scheduling service, DoorGuy allows users to get the online purchases delivered to their door until midnight. Users can select their appropriate day and time of delivery in order to avoid missed delivery. They work 7 days a week from 6pm until midnight.


How it Works-

After registering with Doorguy, user will get their own DoorGuy Shipping Address that they can start using for anything. Users will get an alert when the shipment arrives at the secure depot, and on- request, it will be delivered on the doorstep of the users.

How much they Cost?

The first package will be delivered free-of-cost. The standard sized packages cost ₹39/ package, however the packages above 10 Kg or over 60 linear inches (length + width + height) cost higher as they are subject to an additional fee that varies with the weight/size of the item (minimum charge ₹99).

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