About us

At Startupsfeed we all work day and night to solve the raring questions in the minds of young entrepreneurs. Today, almost everyone building or even thinking about building a startup has many questions that are unanswered. Every young mind is guessing. Young entrepreneurs don’t know what idea would work, how to build a company or even an app from that idea and they are confused about how to get Investors and make their idea a million dollar one.

Data has been the one thing used throughout history to achieve greater heights. Our mission at Startupsfeed.com is to make the young entrepreneurs with all the information about Startups. We provide you with the inspiring stories of all the successful startups. We provide you with data on how to avoid failure and turn your startup into a thriving business and we want to make young people aware about the ups and downs of business. Startupsfeed also makes you aware about how some of the new startups are funded. We at Startupsfeed want to be the guiding beacon for all the young entrepreneurs out there.

We strive daily to provide this valuable information to all the young people out there who want to build a successful startup from an awesome idea.